Rich Girl          

Hey, rich girl,
  what's it like to be so pretty?
With all your glitter-gold finery
  and flashy fad­fashions,
    quick cars
      and classy bars;
Too many lovers,
  enough friends?
    (a good friend?)
      Or do you know?
Do you even think
  about it?

A look,
  a glance,
    is all it takes
      to melt an admirer
        or chill another's soul.

Do you ever think
  you might be
    breaking some longing guy's heart
        someone you don't even know?

Do you ever think
  about the shy girl?
    You know,
  the one in the corner,
      whom you never seem to notice?
She's not pretty
  or flighty
    with no beaus
      and no flitty flock of "friends."

No, you--
  you've got it all: You are the pretty     paper doll that all wish for and few--
      oh, so few--
        can afford.

Who can afford
  your wicked whims,
    your wildish ways,
      your childish plays?

Hey, you,
  do you ever think
    about these things?

Hey, rich girl,
  what's it like to be so pretty?


-"Tony T."
(Philip A. Thomas)
Copyright © 1985, 1996


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